Five Reasons To Stay Sober

Five Reasons To Stay Sober

Alcohol and drug abuse has detrimental consequences, including physical, psychological, personal, and spiritual. Those who are using are not the only ones affected by it. Family members, close friends, spouses, and significant others also carry weight and distress knowing the dangers of drug abuse.

Recovery isn’t easy, but it is possible. Recognizing that there are reasons to stay sober are key - whether that be personal goals, family, relationships, responsibilities, career, or education. You have reasons, we all do. Sometimes, if you are just getting out of drug rehab on Long Island, it can be hard to see past the first thirty days and see the future as a sober member of society. So with that, we’ve put together a list of five reasons to stay sober.

Maintaining An Addiction Is Tiring

Prior to entering sobriety, your main focus was on getting more of your drug of choice, and how you would be able to obtain it. You’d be fending off withdrawal symptoms, and did whatever you had to do to avoid going to heroin detox on Long Island. You’d be lying to the people you love, and trying to maintain your addiction, while high and unable to work or function. Maintaining an addiction is exhausting. Compared to all of that, the most stressful day in sobriety seems completely easy compared to a normal day in addiction.

It’s Easier To Maintain Respect When You’re Clean

As a sober person, you’re not trying to get away with deceit and lying. You don’t say things you know you shouldn’t say or do things that you wouldn’t consider if you weren’t drunk or high. Sure, you make mistakes from time to time, but in sobriety, you have the ability to choose integrity and positivity, all defined with respect.

You Learn More When You’re Aware And Present

After addiction treatment on Long Island, you’ve been able to learn more about yourself and your surroundings, while being aware and present. As a sober person, you’re able to experience life for what it is and more likely to grow from those experiences. When you’re using drugs or alcohol, you’re shutting off the possibility of gaining something positive from that encounter.

You’re Better Sober Than You Are Wasted

You are an amazing person with talents, dreams, and goals. You have the ability to be and do anything, as long as you’re sober. You can choose to drink or use drugs, however those behaviors don’t represent the best of you. You are creative, intelligent, and fun when you’re sober.

You’ve Put In The Time And Effort

Whether you were in treatment, or got sober on your own, it took a little bit longer than a day to do it. It took a lot of determination to get to the point you’re at in your recovery. Why throw something away that you’ve worked so hard for to start over? Drinking or getting high may feel good in the moment, but is it really worth it in the long-term?

Think about the coping mechanisms you’ve learned in recovery and apply them to your current situation. Long Island Interventions is here to help men, women, and families that are affected by the disease of addiction and underlying mental health conditions such as anxiety. Chances are that the problems you’re facing today won’t seem as daunting as tomorrow, and you’ll still have your sobriety to support you.